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How to strengthen your immunity with supplements and teas.

Dear Friends,

How are you doing? I miss seeing all your lovely faces! I know this is a difficult time for all of us, so I wanted to take a second, say hello, and send you some love.

We’ve never experienced something like this before: pandemic, economic shutdown, quarantine. Many of you have fears about the future, maybe even fears about getting sick. Well, I’m here to tell ya that even if we have never experienced this before, our bodies have!

We are surrounded by viruses and bacteria all the time, and guess what? Our bodies know what to do! Let me say that again, our bodies know what to do, it was made for this. You may say, “But Maureen, this is new, this could be laboratory made, people are dying!” Yes, that is all true, but remember, most have mild systems, because -- our bodies know what to do. It is ultimately your body that will heal you.

So, how can we support the body? How can we strengthen the immune system so that - god forbid - if you should be exposed, your body is set up and at its optimum?

I am going to tell you what I do. Many of these you’ve heard before, maybe your mother told you and for a very good reason. First off, if we are in touch, then you already know the basics: eat colorful food that came from the earth and cut down on the sugar.

Secondly, I take the following supplements daily. I would increase the doses of the vitamins if you start to feel sick.

Daily Supplements

Vitamin C, 1000-2000mg

Vitamin A

Vitamin D


CoQ10 (Ubiquinol)


Oregano oil (rubbed on the bottom of the feet occasionally)

But, what about the tea?

You know I have wonderful immune building teas to recommend! Andrographis, also known as Indian echinacea. It is king of the bitters if you would make a tea with it, so I would recommend getting it in capsule form. Another rock star is Ashwagandha, which is great for immune support.


Exciting news!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about some exciting changes at Eat the Tea. First, I am joining forces with my sister, Rebecca, in Italy. Yes, she literally lives under the Tuscan sun! We both feel that nature is our healer, inspirer and life force, so she will be sharing Eat the Tea info through a newsletter.

She will combine the beautiful Italian way of life, with wellness support from Eat the Tea. You can expect information on rare teas, medicinal teas, tonics and soup recipes, along with more Eat the Tea videos. We hope you will enjoy it!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you are excited about hearing more about teas, tonics and wellness from us, please share this!

Stay well and happy,


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